Know the Risks!

Growing opium poppies is a grey area of the law. While poppies of all kinds grow openly across Canada, it is illegal to extract opium from them. So please don’t try to do that yourself. Just send me the heads when they are ripe and I will produce the opium tea.

Be discreet. If you post photos showing off your opium poppies and saying you are going to send them to me, you could get a visit from your local police. I suggest not posting any photos or images until the season is over and the plants are harvested and gone. (Even then, posting images online could make it harder to participate in this campaign the following year.)

While I would try to help anyone charged for growing poppies as part of this campaign, I definitely cannot guarantee to cover all legal costs, and I cannot guarantee that you won’t be in trouble in a worst case scenario. So be aware of the risks before deciding to join in this campaign.